Mystery Quilt

Mystery Quilt  2016-2017 – Round Robin Instead

Block of the Mystery 2015-2106

Hold on to your fabric because this year we’re going to shake things up! I am combining the BOM and the Mystery into one, large BLOCK OF THE MYSTERY! You may choose to only complete the BOM and that would be awesome… but why stop there when you could end up with a wonderfully scrappy, twin size quilt?

I have designed the quilt to use up those 2.5 inch strips, expand your piecing horizons and stretch your color imagination!  The approximate size will be 70×90 which is about twin size.

For yardage, the program I used was very vague so I am sorry I can’t be more specific but I used 15 fabrics in my mock up and it said there was no more than a yard of each color. I would encourage you to grab random yardage, fat quarters, scraps and LOTS of 2 ½“strips for this project. The more colors the better! If you love each fabric, you will love the quilt.

For support, I will be attending nearly every open sew this year to help out those who may want help with new piecing techniques so don’t be scared! It will be brilliant! I know you can do this!

Block of the Mystery PART A (updated Sept 20th), Block of the Mystery PART BBlock of the Mystery PART CBlock of the Mystery PART DBlock of the Mystery PART EBlock of the Mystery PART FBlock of the Mystery PART GBlock of the Mystery PART HBotM Final Instructions

Mystery Quilt 2014-2015

This year’s Mystery Quilt is crib size.  The Outreach team will provide donated fabric for the top and the batting.  Fabric for the top will be available at the upcoming meetings.  Please sign up at the meeting to donate the baby quilt if you take Outreach materials or if you would like Outreach to provide the batting.  As always, you can make the Mystery Quilt without donating the finished product.   

Remember ladies, the big Mystery Quilt Show will be during the September 2015 meeting. Quilts being donated to Leominster Hospital for the Babies will be collected at the end of the meeting by Andie and delivered to the hospital.

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Mystery Quilt 2013-2014

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A few tips from Bonnie:

I am so excited; I just finished my 1st mystery quilt top!

Love the pattern; love the small size and great directions that work.

I did a couple of cutting changes which I have done before on other quilts that help me with corner and setting triangles.  I always seem to sew so the corners buckle and do not lie flat and sides that don’t line up, so I cut the blocks 1/2″ bigger before crosscutting.  When the quilt is pieced, before borders, I square up the quilt and trim.  This makes for a very square top.

I also had enough fabric to make the corners on the snowball blocks using 2 1/2″ squares, one per corner, drawing a diagonal line corner to corner on the corner blocks for sewing, right sides together.  This allows me to sew without having to worry about bias stretch.  Trim the extra fabric behind the corner triangle carefully after pressing.  Takes a bit more fabric, but I did OK within the fabric allotted.  Cut 31 @ 21/2″ squares instead of 16 @ 2 7/8″ squares halved.

Binding can be single fold at 1 3/4″ or 2 1/2″, or total double fold at 4 1/2, your preference.

Mystery Quilt 2012-2013

This quilt can be made with as little as three fabrics but you can also make it scrappy.

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