Round Robin

Round Robin 2017-2018

Center block due in October.  Subsequent rounds due in December, February, April, and June.

Round 1 – Due December 12, 2017 – Add a 2” finished (unfinished 2 ½”) border with squares and/or rectangles. Some possible suggestions are four patch squares, checkerboard squares, etc. You can combine squares with rectangles or just use either. They can just be in the corner squares or used throughout the border. Once this is added, the block should measure 16” finished (16.5” unfinished.)

Round 2 – Due February 13, 2018 – Add a pieced 3” finished (unfinished 3 ½”) border with triangles and/or diamonds. The triangles can be any shape/style triangles. Some possible suggestions are half square triangles, flying geese, 60 degree triangles, etc. Diamonds can also be any shape. Use the shapes just in the corner squares or throughout the border.

Round Robin Guidelines 2017_2018(pdf)   Round Robin Instructions 2017-18 (pdf)

Round Robin 2016-2017 –

When are rounds due?  – Center Block – November, Round 1- January, Round 2-March, Round 3-May, Round 4-June

Center Block and General Guidelines  Round Robin Groups

Guidlines  Round 1  Round 2 Round 3 Round 4

What is a round robin quilt?

It’s a medallion quilt that is composed of a center block or panel surrounded by a series of borders or frames.

How do I end up with a completed quilt top?

Each quilter makes a center block and hands it over to another quilter to put a border around the center block.  The new border might be plain, pieced, appliqued, or embellished.  It might not even go around all four sides.   Then the center block is passed to a third quilter to add a 2nd border and so on to each member of the group. After the final border is added, the quilt top is returned to the center square maker to finish the quilt. The challenge is each quilter will be designing and putting a border on each quilt. It may be the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. The exciting part is the maker of the center block does not see her block until the final border has been added to it.