Geometry and Illusion – August 10 -12, 2018

Quilts for All Seasons – August 11-13, 2017

Enjoyed seeing all of you at the Bolton Fair August 2017!!

Instructions for the I Spy Quilt:   (click here)

A Flower Garden of Quilts – August 2016

The fair was August 13-16, 2016.  The theme was a “Flower Garden of Quilts”.  Thanks to everyone who stopped by,  all our wonderful volunteers, everyone who provided items for sale and the whole guild for their support.  Even with the heat many people stopped by and enjoyed the quilts and even learned some new sewing techniques. Many can be seen on our photo pages.13880154_10208974290066303_4556681045716358603_n

Stars – 2015

The Bolton fair was August 14-16, 2015.  The theme for the fair was “Stars” and the guild created a queen size quilt to show at the fair.

Thanks to everyone who came and volunteered – help with the quilt, help organize, help in the tent (and get a fair pass for the day).

Janice and Bonnie made a quilt, “Straight Furrows”, which was donated to the Bolton Fair Committee (In the name of Mothertown Quilters Guild) to be included in the fair’s “Rainy Day Raffle”.

A thank you for the opportunity the fair provides us to meet and educate the public in the art of quilting. They also provide us with the tent, tables and chairs at no cost.

Bolton Fair 2015 IMG_2282 Bolton Fair 2015 IMG_2283 Bolton Fair 2015 IMG_2284 Bolton Fair 2015 IMG_2285 Bolton Fair 2015 IMG_2286

Bolton Fair – Patriotism in Cloth – 2014

Mothertown Guild had a beautiful booth this year at the Bolton Fair. “Patriotism in Cloth” was our theme and included a great display of quilts both patriotic and historic. Everyone stopping by the tent gave a smile of delight, including the President of the Bolton Fair, Rose Darden. We met some wonderful and appreciative folks, met some possible future guild members and some happy sewing youngsters making flag pillow’s or pincushions and patriotic ribbons. For the first time this year we had a nice selection of items and quilts for sale and indeed sold a few items including a large quilt “Yellow Ribbons” which was made up of blocks made by the guild members. Central focus of the guild booth display was a quilt made with the combined efforts of the Bolton Fair Committee, a beautiful World War II Victory quilt, which will be on display at the September guild meeting.

A quilt was also donated to the Bolton Fair Rainy Day Raffle, a new addition to the fair to make a bit of extra money to support the fair, a volunteer effort by a group outside the Bolton Fair Committee. The quilt was donated to the raffle in the name of “Mothertown Quilters Guild” and was very much appreciated, indeed the organizer said it was the most valuable item in the raffle! The winner (who bought many, many raffle tickets!) came right over to our tent to thank us for making and donating such a beautiful quilt! A pink and white, twin size butterfly quilt.

We wanted thank the generosity of the Bolton Fair, providing free of charge to us each year, a wonderful tent, tables and chairs as well as the opportunity to share quilting with the public and let them see what our local guild is and does!

Bolton Fair 2013

The fair had the best weekend weather and the biggest crowds ever and our guild was there as part of it all!  There were many repeat visitors from the past four years of the MTQ booth, both visiting the beautiful quilt display, sewing with us, and using the expanded children activities.  Indeed folks look for our booth now!  A great success with fun had by everyone involved, the booth committee (deep gratitude to you) as well as guild visitors who stopped by.

“Log Cabin Quilts, An American Favorite” was the theme this year, with guild members sporting handmade, mini “Log Cabin” pins and necklaces.  We were able to hang a few large quilts this year, to a beautiful effect, along with the many sized versions of Log Cabin blocks and settings in quilts from as early as an antique quilt from the Civil War era, and quilts of 30s, 70s, 80s, 90s and the 21st century!  One member brought a dollhouse size, one room log cabin for display, complete with a bed made up with a mini Log Cabin quilt!  On loan from the West Boylston Historical Society, we were able to display the “Mothertown Quilt”.  Made in 2004 by one of our own members as a fundraiser/raffle for the Lancaster  Library, the quilt is of log cabin blocks, the centers sepia toned old postcards and pictures scanned into the computer and printed on cloth.  The pictures are of the 11 towns represented in the original and second English grants that formed the “Nashaway Plantation” or the Town of Lancaster.  Won by a West Boylston woman, the quilt was donated to her town Historical society, one of the original towns!

The MTQ Booth this year was the best yet.  We had beautiful quilts on display, 13 samples of log cabin blocks, traditional, and unusual and modern variations.  We had and expanded children’s activity area this year, adding to the felt board (felt logs to make Log Cabin blocks) we had Lincoln logs to build log cabins,  four log cabin blocks to color and laminated log cabin blocks to arrange in the various settings for a quilt.  Adults and children, male and female, enjoyed sewing small log cabin pincushions.  We had hand quilting demonstrations too, Log Cabin placemats for our Outreach project, and we brought back out the whole cloth quilt that the Civil War ladies practiced hand quilting on for the raffle quilt.

The Log Cabin pattern is an old one, found on the linen wrappings of mummies in Egypt,  ties to  Greek and Roman patterns, Scottish wood inlay and Irish field rotation patterns. We made the pattern “ours” here in the States with our artistic use of scraps to form the pattern.  Made very popular during the Presidency of Abraham Lincoln and his subsequent assassination, these quilts were so popular in the last quarter of the 1800s that State Fairs had whole categories just for Log Cabin quilts!  We all love them just as much today, as our admiring fair going audience demonstrated to us.

Many thanks to the wonderful fair booth committee, booth hostesses, guild visitors, and fair goers, for keeping alive the art and folk craft of piecing, sewing, and quilting at the Bolton Fair!